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Cabinets of Curiosity is a performance company, founded by Sarah Blake, which is dedicated to producing work that captivates the heart, fascinates the mind and stimulates the imagination. After 15 years as a features writer, editor and columnist, specialising in the interior design, home & lifestyle sector, Sarah re-trained at Drama Studio London and formed Cabinets of Curiosity in order to combine her skills in both writing and performance. As a writer and director, she has created eight original shows and site-specific performance installations, as well as adapting Virginia Woolf 's A Room Of One's Own for the theatre.

      “Sarah Blake’s stories are generated by the characters, which is the hardest kind of storytelling. Watching, I felt quite envious.” 

                            - Louis de Bernières, novelist & author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Much of the work created by Cabinets of Curiosity is site-specific - which means it has been especially created for a particular venue or extraordinary space, outside the conventions of a traditional theatre. From a Victorian Docklands warehouse to an 18th century walled garden, to Trafalgar Square in London, these site-specific works help to reimagine the history and significance of a space, reinterpreting it in an accessible and inspirational way for a 21st century audience - and often combining live performance with audio and art installations, to create a sensory delight. Click on one of the links below to discover more about past shows - as well the exciting audio dramas and stories created by the Cabinets of Curiosity sister company, Sounds Curious.

Portfolio Highlights - click below to discover more details:

Peacock Queen detail.png
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Ladies garden banner_edited.jpg
Stories in a Secret Garden - White Rabbi
Please Do Not Feed The Ladies - Clarissa and Nelson.png
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