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Sounds Curious ASMR

As well as being a professional actor, director and scriptwriter, Sarah Blake is also one of the small percentage of people who experiences ASMR - and so has used her audio skills and experience to create a lovingly-curated ASMR channel, designed to help people find calm and relaxation. The Sounds Curious YouTube channel features lots of free ASMR tracks on a variety of cultural topics - history, art, film, museums,  literature and pop culture - that help to soothe and quiet the mind, ease anxiety, aid sleep, and trigger tingles in those who experience ASMR. The talks can be enjoyed by anybody who loves audio - and is in search of something interesting, uplifting or relaxing to listen to. Slow down, unwind, and breathe deeply.. while Sarah's voice guides you through a soothing audio adventure.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a pleasant tingling feeling in the head (and sometimes in the rest of the body) that is experienced in a small minority of people. The sensation can be triggered by different types of audio or visual stimuli, such as softly-spoken or whispered vocals, tapping, brushing, or the sound of falling rain. It’s a relatively new area of scientific research, but early studies indicate that the ASMR experience can lower the heart rate and induce a general sense of wellbeing.

Listen to an ASMR track...

... just click the youtube button to go to the Sounds Curious youtube channel, where you can listen to a variety of soothing ASMR tracks on history, culture, art... and a host of other topics!

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