Sounds Curious ASMR

As well as being a professional actor, director and scriptwriter, Sarah Blake is also one of the small percentage of people who experiences ASMR. Having discovered the online ASMR community, she decided to use her audio skills and experience to give something back to that community - and has created a lovingly-crafted resource that is designed to help people find calm and relax . The Sounds Curious YouTube channel features lots of free ASMR tracks on a variety of topics - including history, art, film, museums,  literature and pop culture - that can be used by ASMR listeners to trigger tingles. However, the tracks can equally be enjoyed by anybody who loves audio - and wants something soothing, uplifting or relaxing to listen to - or needs help with dropping off to sleep. Slow down, unwind, breathe and relax... while Sarah's voice guides you through a soothing audio adventure.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a pleasant tingling feeling in the head (and sometimes in the rest of the body) that is experienced in a small minority of people. The sensation can be triggered by different types of audio or visual stimuli, such as softly-spoken or whispered vocals, tapping, brushing, or the sound of falling rain. It’s a relatively new area of scientific research, but early studies indicate that the ASMR experience can lower the heart rate and induce a general sense of wellbeing.

Listen to an ASMR track...

... just click the youtube button to go to the Sounds Curious youtube channel, where you can listen to a variety of soothing ASMR tracks on history, culture, art... and a host of other topics!