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Do you sometimes wish you could speak with more clarity and authority?

Sing with more joy and confidence?

Find the courage to articulate your own, individual truth?

The voice is a powerful channel of self-expression – and discovering how to use it with confidence and coherence is an empowering and uplifting process that connects mind and body...



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Young children have no problems expressing themselves – loudly and clearly! – through their voices. However, as we grow older, sometimes we can feel as though we've lost the right to speak out... we feel cut-off from our voices, or inhibited by our own vocal potential. So through a series of simple, fun and satisfyingly effective techniques, Sarah can coach you on how to rediscover and reconnect with your voice. Using breathing, resonance and articulation exercises, she will help you to :


– Find and develop your individual sound.

– Strengthen your core muscles, to allow your voice to resonate more freely.

– Support your voice through correct breathing and posture.

– Project your sound and command a room with authority.

– Articulate precisely, so you can always be heard.

– Deal with nerves when speaking in public.

– Protect your voice and keep it healthy.

– Give yourself the confidence to speak (or sing) out!

"Making sound is a physical process that occurs within your body. Speaking out is a way of giving expression to your inner thoughts and emotions. Voicework is an effective way to connect body, mind and emotions in an empowering whole."

Individual, one-to-tuition can be held either in person at The Curious Room in Darmstadt, or remotely, via Zoom. For further details and rates, contact Sarah, below:

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