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Do you have an urge to create - but lack the confidence to get started? Or are you already a creative practitioner who is looking for more self-belief, or to recover the joy that made you create in the first place?



Creativity is a fundamental and profound expression of humanity - and it's part of your birthright. However, sometimes, fear can stand in the way of our creativity... we worry about how others will receive our work, or we hear a negative voice in our heads that judges our endeavours, and prevents us from connecting to the authentic joy and empowerment that comes with free creative expression. So, in one-to-one sessions that focus on your unique creative path, Sarah will gently help you to discover/rediscover that joy and empowerment - and find a way to calm those creative fears and lay them  to rest, so that you can fully embrace your own creative journey. In these sessions, you'll learn how to:



- Recognize and gently explore the fears that are holding you back.

- Discover tools that will help you to overcome those fears and connect to the joy of creativity.

- Explore and expand your unique creative potential and expression.

- Enjoy the process of creation - and celebrate the results!

Individual, one-to-tuition can be held either in person at The Curious Room in Darmstadt, or remotely, via Zoom. For further details and rates, contact Sarah, below:

"Creativity takes courage"

- Henri Matisse

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