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FOUND Thimble illustration for programme

In this eerie and evocative audio adventure, Tamessa, the mysterious river goddess, leads the listener along her shores, on an atmospheric journey into London history - via the haunting stories of objects that have been lost in the Thames. Combining storytelling, poetry, song and sound effects to bring the river to life in a captivating audio fusion, FOUND has been adapted from a live, site-specific theatre project that was staged at the London Docklands artist’s colony, Trinity Buoy Wharf. The original show was created using historic objects from the collection of Steve  Brooker, the Thames Mudlark, who co-presented the History Channel TV series, 'Mud Men.'

About Sounds Curious

Sounds Curious was co-founded by Sarah Blake, the Artistic Director of the theatre company, Cabinets of Curiosity, and the actor, writer and director, Daniel Barry. Its mission is to create arresting and inspiring audio content that captivates the heart, fascinates the mind and stimulates the imagination of its listeners. The company’s first audiobook, Fairy Tales For Grown Ups, has received 5-star reviews and is available to download on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

About Sarah Blake:

After more than 10 years as a magazine features writer and columnist, Sarah re-trained at Drama Studio London and formed Cabinets of Curiosity  in 2009. She has since written and directed eight original stage shows, as well as a sell-out adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own.

“Sarah Blake writes stories that are generated by the characters, which is the hardest kind of storytelling. Watching, I felt quite envious…”

                                                      –  Louis de Bernières, novelist.

About Daniel Barry


Daniel is an actor, writer, photographer, director and producer. He trained at Drama Centre London, graduating in 2004, and has collaborated with Sarah Blake on various projects with Cabinets Of Curiosity before setting up Sounds Curious. He has performed in Germany, Austria, London and throughout the UK.



FOUND has been written and directed by Sarah Blake and produced by Daniel Barry, for Sounds Curious. The performers are Daniel Barry, Sarah Blake, Minna Pang, Aneta Piotrowska & Gloria Sanders. Running time: 45 minutes. 

Contact Sarah Blake at: 

Contact Steve Brooker at:       



Steve Brooker, the Thames Mudlark

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Minna ad Aneta in Found.png

Minna Pang and Aneta Piotrowska

in the original live production

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Gloria Sanders in the original production

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