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DIRECTING (workshops or one-to-one sessions)


The role of a director is extremely exhilarating and rewarding – a skilled director can take any script and turn it into a memorable night of theatre, by forming energising and inspiring collaborations with their cast and creative team. Discover how to bring your artistic vision to fruition through every aspect of the production, from the actors' performances to the staging and costume.


In directing workshops, you can learn to:

    – Develop your vision for the play, so you have full knowledge and confidence in your material

   – Choose your cast, so you get the right ensemble for your production
   – Communicate effectively with actors, to ensure you get the best out of them in rehearsal and performance
   – Break down a script and organize rehearsals
   – Develop confidence in the rehearsal room, so you can be an effective and creative leader

   – Cultivate a safe and inclusive space, so you and your ensemble share a rewarding and fulfilling creative experience.


Have you always longed to take on one of the great classical plays, but feel inhibited by the language, history or formal verse of a classic? Fear not! Once you know what to look for, you can quickly become the master of a script, whether it’s Shakespearean verse, Restoration comedy or 19th century Russian drama.


In this workshop, you can learn how to:

   – Decipher historical language, so you fully understand the text - and subtext - of your chosen script
  – ‘Read between the lines’ and interpret the key signals and acting codes that are often embedded in the classics
  – Master the theory of performing verse or historic language, so you can coach your actors and help them to      

     make their classical speeches sound natural, compelling and authentic
  – Bring the lines to life, so you make a classical text relevant, exciting and accessible to a modern-day audience.

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