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The voice is a powerful channel of self-expression – the ultimate tool for projecting enhanced communication, confidence and presence. A strong,  clear voice can fill an auditorium, impress a boss, convince a client… and make a listener hang on your every word.


Yet sometimes, we lack the confidence to speak, or we feel inhibited from using our voices fully, due to nerves or stress. Sarah has worked extensively with both business leaders and professional actors, to explore, develop and evolve their unique voices. 

Through a series of techniques and training, learn to: 

   – Find and develop your individual sound with confidence and clarity
   – Support your voice through correct breathing and posture 
   – Project your voice and command a room with authority
   – Articulate precisely, so you can always be heard 
   – Deal with nerves when speaking in public
   – Protect your voice and keep it healthy

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