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Have you met The Ladies In the Garden?

'The Ladies In The Garden' was written and directed by Sarah Blake, as a site-specific performance installation for the Ripon Walled Garden - an historic garden in North Yorkshire with charitable status. As the Writer In Residence for the garden, Sarah was tasked with creating an event that would bring more members of the public into this extraordinarily magical place and interpret the venue in a way that showcased the history and uniqueness of the garden.

Sarah used the ancient orchard at the centre of the Walled Garden as the starting point for an enchanting show that allowed visitors to wander through the orchard and discover different performances, both live and recorded. Each of the ladies was named after an extremely rare and historic variety of apple tree that could be found in the garden - and each had a story to tell...

chelmsford wonder.png

The Pitmaston Duchess

A woman with an intriguing past recounts the story of her exile. But who is the Duchess, really?

The Pitmaston Duchess was performed by Christian Grant and directed by Sarah Blake.

The Chelmsford

A resourceful apple seller stumbles across a secret grove... and makes a pact with Pan, the god of nature.

The Chelmsford Wonder was performed by Gloria Sanders and directed by Sarah Blake.

Lady Sudeley.png

Lady Sudeley

Once upon a time, a tree spirit fell so in love with a human that she left behind the safety of her bark and leaves...

Lady Sudeley was performed by Sarah Blake and directed by Daniel Barry.

the beauty of bath - suspended in the garden.png

The Beauty of Bath

Put your ear to the tree and hear the story of a young girl - who ran away from Regency high society, to live with the fairies!

The Beauty of Bath was a site-specific installation, created and narrated by Sarah Blake.

Photography by Daniel Barry.

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