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FOUND: Objects from the River Thames

Site-specific performance, created for Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands, London, 2009. This atmospheric production brought to life a fascinating assortment of objects that had been lost or discarded in the River Thames, over centuries. A Tudor dagger, an 18th century wig curler, a 21st century gun...  allowing the objects to tell their own stories sheds light on both London itself and the people who have lived there. Soon to be a new audiobook from Sounds Curious.

Do Not Feed the Ladies (They Are A Health Hazard And A Nuisance)

Site-specific performance, created for Anthony Gormley’s One & Other project, Fourth Plinth, Trafalgar Square, London, 2009. A modern-day fable that examined the role of the outcast and highlighted Trafalgar Square as a place of protest. Voted number 2 in the Top 5 ‘Picks of the Plinth’ on Clive Anderson’s Sky Arts review show.

Five Clever Courtesans

Two-act play, originally staged at the Vibe Live, Brick Lane, London, 2010. Subsequent tour to Brighton, Darmstadt (Germany) and the Edinburgh Fringe. What happens when five strong, steely divas meet in the 'Demi Monde'? “A combination of excellent writing, confident and talented performance, and food for thought which you’ll savour long after it’s finished... first-class entertainment” ***** (Fringe Guru)


The Molly Room

Two-act play, originally staged at The White Bear Theatre, London, 2012, with subsequent tour to the Westside Theatre, Darmstadt, Germany. It's 1915 and with the men at war, the spotlight turns to the women who make the show go on at The Gaiety Theatre music hall. Refugees of more than one kind feature in this haunting story that examines the true meaning of courage.

Stories in a Secret Garden*

Site-specific trilogy of plays, created for the Ripon Walled Garden (historic walled garden and charitable trust), 2012. What do Lewis Carroll, the Evil Queen from Snow White and a lonely Starlight Gardener have in common? Answer: they are all drawn to an orchard full of enchantments.* Production created as Writer in Residence.

Fairy Tales for Grown Ups

Trilogy of monologues, originally staged at the 2012 Ripon International Festival in North Yorkshire. Subsequent tour to The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds, The Camden Eye, London,  and in 2016, to the Weststadt Theatre ,Darmstadt (Germany), and Waterstones Piccadilly, London. An anxious prince, a mysterious aristocrat and a downtrodden woman who has lost all hope... these three fairy tales examine humanity's longing for magic, in stories that are both comic and poignant. Now available as an audiobook from Sounds Curious.


The Ladies in the Garden*

Site-specific trilogy of monologues, plus a multi-media installation, created for the Ripon Walled Garden, 2013. Inspired by the historic and rare apple trees that grow in the Ripon Walled Garden, this production brought a combination of laughter, melancholy, joy and chills to an atmospheric orchard. * Created as Writer in Residence.

A Room of One's Own

Performed in 2014 at the Ripon International Festival and The Book Club in Shoreditch, London, and at Waterstone’s Piccadilly, London, (the largest bookshop in Europe) in January, 2015. An adaptation of the Virginia Woolf classic, re-imagining the very first (and now lost) inspiring lecture that Woolf delivered on ‘Women and Fiction’ to the students of Newnham and Girton Colleges, in 1928.

Muscle Memory

One-act play (monologue), produced at the Hoffart Theatre in Darmstadt, Germany in 2017. Sharon's marriage is on the rocks, but her new ballroom dance teacher wants to show her his Paso Doble - will she face the music and dance? This sell-out warm and witty comedy was packed full of laughter, heart... and disco classics.