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How do top actors create such convincing, charismatic performances? How do they grip an audience’s attention and continue to hold on to it? It’s not magic, it’s simply technique. 


In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

   – Successfully prepare for a role
   – Analyse your script and find the truth of your character
   – Use stagecraft, improvisation and physicality techniques to fully inhabit a part
   – Electrify an audience/viewer and make the most of your performance time – even in a small role


Improvisation is a key tool in the rehearsal room – it helps an actor to imagine and build the world of the character with great vividness and truth. It’s also a fun way to develop confidence and connect with the rest of your ensemble!


In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

   – Master the basics of improvisation: why actors do it and how it helps with performance
   – Improvise successfully, in every different kind of scenario

  – Free yourself and gain more confidence, so you can ‘go with it’ in the rehearsal room


Physical theatre techniques are invaluable for teaching you how to embody your character in an authentic way.


In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

    – Become more aware of the messages and signals your body sends out
   – Adapt your posture and movement to portray a particular character
   – Explore techniques for expanding your physicality to create a greater stage presence
   – Connect your ideas about a role directly to your physicality and movement


Is it your dream to go to a prestigious drama school? Or is there a part coming up in your local production that you are desperate to play? Auditions can be tough and the competition extreme, but these lessons will give you the very best chance of succeeding. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

   – Choose the right audition pieces for you
   – Prepare your audition scripts successfully using professional acting techniques
   – Make the most of your audition, so you stand out
   – Deal with nerves and expand your confidence in an audition situation

"Without Sarah's tutoring, I honestly don't think I would have stood a chance of getting into drama school. She introduced me to techniques that I've been using ever since, some of which I don't think I could go back to not using! She is such a bundle of energy that everything was fun, and she really helped me to forget my nerves when performing monologues. I can't recommend her enough!"

                                                          - Kathryn Taylor-Gears, professional actor and graduate of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Do you want to speak with more clarity and authority, on stage? Sing with more joy and confidence? Find the authentic voice of your character and use it to move an audience to excitement, passion, sympathy or deep emotion? The voice is a powerful channel of self-expression – it  can fill an auditorium, create impact, inspire your audience... and have them hanging on your every word!


Using a series of simple, fun and satisfyingly effective techniques, Sarah can teach you how to make the most of your voice during performance, so you can project without shouting, sing without going hoarse, and even make a whisper so effective, it can be heard at the very back of the auditorium!

In this workshop, you'll learn to: 

   – Find and develop your individual sound with confidence and clarity.
   – Support your voice through correct breathing and posture. 
   – Project your voice, so it can fill large auditoriums, or deal with outside spaces.
   – Articulate precisely, so you can always be heard.
   – Deal with with performance nerves that can effect the voice.
   – Protect your voice and keep it healthy, over multiple performances.

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